Trust Your Lintel Supply Needs to Builders Steel Direct

When building a home, there are varieties of parts that are needed. All of them are equally important, even those not normally visible. Lintel supplies like the humble T bar provides a necessary purpose in your home.

Lintels provide support to the brickwork over your doors and windows. Like bridges, there is quite a bit of weight coming down from above. Without additional support, your windows and doors will end up collapsing. You do not always need a T bar as your lintel. Lintel supplies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For shorter spans like 1000 mm, then a flat bar will often be enough. The importance of lintel supplies means that you will want a dependable supplier to turn to. This is where Builders Steel Direct comes in.

Quality products

Metal lintel supplies need to be top-notch if they are supporting a home. However, a good T bar is a lot more difficult to make than people think. It requires a long process, starting from material selection to its fabrication. Metal needs to be cut and bent to deliver a perfect end-product for your home.

As one of the best structural steel fabricators, Builders Steel Direct brings decades of experience when it comes to making lintel supplies. You can be assured that when you buy from BSD, you are getting some of the best materials out there. With a wide range of products that includes Galintels, Galvanized Flat Bars, Render Bars, Concrete Lintels, Cavity T-Bars and Hot Rolled Arch Bars, any builder will find what they are looking for. It even offers a full range of Galvanized T Bars. Galvanized steel is a better choice for lintel, especially for external doors and windows. Though it does eventually rust, it will be decades before it happens.

Builders Steel Direct does not just deliver on metal lintel supplies. It also provides high-quality brick hardware supplies. If you are in need of additional supplies when building, BSD can provide you with everything you need ranging from lead flashing to wall ties

Dependable supplier

Builders Steel Direct manages to deliver what their customers need. With 25 years of experience in logistics, the company can deliver products anywhere in Sydney. Next day delivery is guaranteed for all products. In addition to this, the company also provides non-standard lengths for the supplies it provides and miter cutting if it is needed. Overall, BSD can meet all of your needs sufficiently.

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