TRIA Home Laser – Laser hair removal at home

Women who aren’t happy with shaving, waxing or tweezing can turn to laser hair removal for effective removal of unwanted hair from the face, leg, underarms, and even bikini lines and since it uses technology and machine, the procedure is usually done in a clinic and completed in several sessions. However, with Tria laser hair removal, removing unwanted hair permanently can be done at home.

Skin RejuvinationWhile many clinics claim that home laser removal products are not equally effective compared to the procedure done in clinics and performed by laser practitioners, TRIA Laser Hair removal has been making many women happy with the results they’re experiencing using this home laser hair removal kit.

Users swear that using this home laser product allows them not to shave their legs every day and their hair grows back slowly and much thinner than before. It is also effective in removing bikini line hair and in showing off much smoother bikini lines. The fastest time to have smooth hair is between 2 to 3 months.

Tria home laser uses between 7 to 20 joules that can be adjusted to effectively disable hair follicles and constrain them from growing back. The adjustable fluence level also allows manageable energy and heat level as not to cause burning.

Tria home laser is a revolutionary product for skin treatments that brings the possibility of using laser for hair removal at the comfort of your home. It comes with a charger and a sensor in a white carrying box. The package includes special instructions packet and FAQ that will guide users to use the home kit safely and effectively.

TRIA home laser is effective for women with light skin. The skin sensor included in the package is used to detect if you got the right skin tone. Placing this sensor on your skin, it will turn either green or red. The green color signals that skin is within the right tone and red color signals that your skin tone is on the darker tone and you can’t use the product. Dark skin tone tends to get burned, scarred or blistered.  TRIA home laser also advises a 24 hour patch testing before using for possible adverse reactions.

TRIA home laser is a device intended only for hair removal and not for any skin rejuvenation treatments. Before using the device, you have to activate it simply by going online in TRIA website or by calling 1-877-321-TRIA. Activation is done only once to ensure users safety.

If you’re among those who hate the clinic atmosphere, using TRIA home laser allows you to enjoy smooth and flawless skin at the comfort of your home.

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