Traveling to Kangaroo Island and Forgetting You’re Miles Away From Home

Traveling to KangarooIsland brings fulfillment to a dream beach holidays simply because the island is with abundance of beautiful beaches. Not lesser than 50 beautiful beaches spread across the island’s 540 kilometers coastline and each has unique and distinct charm. In addition to its outstanding beach qualities is kangaroo island accommodation that completes travelers’ one of a kind beach experience, and never mind being away from home.

kangaroo2Most of the island’s beach accommodation is with world class amenities and facilities. But this doesn’t mean that the island only cater to the elite travelers but also offering to a wide range of kangaroo island accommodation from luxury beachfront hotels to budget Bed & Breakfast hotels, cheap guest houses, backpackers lodge and hostels.

Those traveling kangaroo island in style will not have a hard time finding a place that could match their high-end living. A luxury kangaroo accommodation island in Hanson Bay, where the beautiful and high-end Southern Ocean beach is found boast of a combination of stunning beach views and the sophisticated atmosphere of high end suites with world-class interiors. Each suite in a luxury beach view hotel has outdoor terraces overlooking the Southern Ocean. A day bed with or without colorful umbrella provides relaxing moments while sipping sparkling Australian grape wines. Also included in a beach holiday package in this type of kangaroo island accommodation are spa and wellness retreats and private Kangaroo Island Day/Night Charter Tours for an ultimate beach holiday.

Most B&B hotels in Kangaroo Island offer friendly and relaxing atmosphere plus standard facilities and services. Most are located near the island’s beach and ferry stations, which makes traveling from one beach to another a lot easier. Part of the kangaroo backpacker experience is a breakfast with the homey Australian toasts, coffee, and the famous Aussie vegemite.

Newlyweds on the other hand, will find great privacy for a romantic escape kangaroo island experience in a secluded and private island beach accommodation. These private beach and island accommodations are best for wedding ceremony and honeymoons. Newlyweds will find themselves all alone in a very inspiring, indulging and romantic surrounding while having the best food, wine and spa treatments exclusive for them to enjoy.

KangarooIsland is also one of the most family-friendly destinations and its family oriented accommodation provides facilities that a traveling family could call home while enjoying and sharing together the island’s beaches and attractions.

Traveling to KangarooIsland is one of the most-fascinating Australian experiences and the best part is that while enjoying the island’s beautiful beaches and attractions, travelers get to stay in a homey accommodation that makes them forget they’re miles away from home.

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