The Blueprint of an e-Commerce Site

With a huge percentage of the world’s population found online today, putting up a website for your business is one of the smartest entrepreneurial moves that you could do. But, there are several things you will need. And it’s more than just having an amazing website design Perth, too, although that is where it all starts.

Below are the major necessities for building an e-commerce site. Read on so you can start preparing for what you need.

Web Design and Programming

build a sitePossible Cost: $300 for a basic static site

During the planning phase of your business – knowing your product and figuring out ways on how to sell it – you should also start working on an eCommerce web design Perth, which isn’t just attractive but is also effective in marketing your product. Programming your site to be functional is, naturally, a must-have in building any kind of website.

Shopping Cart Software

Possible Cost: $50 at an average

Definitely, a requirement of e-Commerce sites, this software helps you in various ways: manage your inventory, take orders from clients, compute shipping costs and sales taxes, and send notifications of orders, among so many others.

Merchant and Payment Gateway Account

Possible Cost: Free with charges every time payment comes in

Any web developer who does not include these two in the list of e-commerce sites must-haves should quit their job. The payment gateway account is basically where people will send you money for whatever they bought from you. This should be connected to your merchant account so that the money they paid will go straight to your bank account.

It’s that simple.

Hosting Services

Possible Cost: $15 – $150, depending on tasks

You will need that programmed website design Perth on the net for as long as you need it to be. Hosting is what keeps them there.

 Search Engine Optimization

Possible Cost: averaging at $300 a month

This may not seem so important to businesses who think that all they need is a site where people can buy their products. But if you don’t do SEO, your targeted market wouldn’t know that you exist at all. There are numerous strategies used for this so, if you want to learn more, start researching about it.

Online retail sales are increasing every year as people find shopping on the internet easier and more convenient. Don’t waste any more time and, consequently, possible earnings. Get your website design Perth for your e-commerce business made as soon as possible, if not right now.

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