Improving the Playing Field by Playing in Australian Amateur Golf

Joining a golf tournament is something that every golfer should do in his lifetime. Australian amateur golf is a fun way to get involved in organized tournaments, and to know other golfers as well. Like all sports, joining a tournament hones a person’s ability to play, and usually leads to better scores. Ultimately, this improves a golfer’s overall game and his handicap as well.

GolffieldAustralian amateur golf is not just about the national amateur golf championship. There are other amateur golf tournaments. These can be community based or charity events or even organized by corporate entities and professional organizations. There are some that are by invitation only, or for members only. To maintain parity between the different handicap entries, official handicap from Golflink are used.

On the other hand, AGC is one organization that promotes amateur competitions and handicapping. Their approach at promoting tournaments allows everyone to enjoy the game, be competitive and still feel like a winner. The AGC is focused on how to beat your handicap. This type of tournament allows anyone with an established handicap number to join a tournament. When the player beats his handicap number, he would win a cash prize. In terms of actual winnings, the cash prize can be considered a token amount. The real winner’s prize is the improvement of his handicap.

This is a win-win situation all around for the stakeholders. Golfers who beat their handicap can improve their handicap number. The organizers have been returning up to 90% of the registration fee to the members as prize money. For the organizers, it promotes tournaments that golfers can easily join. Overall, this type of tournament improves the state of golf for all the golfers. With this venue, golfers would want to play harder and beat their handicap. This can be an ego booster, as well as improve the skills of the players involved. In theory, this would help increase the number of players who improve their handicap. This improvement could be across the board because almost anyone can join, play a good game and have great scores.

A golfer improving his handicap is a form of bragging rights. It also makes the game even for all the players. After joining an Australian amateur golf tournament, the player can have his handicap number updated. This will ensure that his improvement is documented and that his regular opponents can be apprised of his improving golf game. The better handicap can make for a more level playing field.

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