Celebrating a Victory with the Best Trophies

Humans are competitive in nature and it is a good way – most individuals do not give up without a fight. This is very obvious in the area of sports like football where the victorious team receives the Australian Football League or AFL trophies. What’s with this trophy? An example of this trophy is the McClelland Trophy that has been awarded every year by the AFL to the team that finished first on the ladder after they have completed the season (comprising of the home-and-away games) before the finals will be played. Of course, there are other trophies handed out to deserving teams and individuals.trophies3

What are the events that need trophies and awards? The most prolific example is the world of sports. In Australia, there are many sporting events. One of them is the Australian football, which is also called Aussie rules. This sport has the highest attendance of spectator of all the sports held in Australia. This is a full contact sport and there are many awards given away to deserving teams and players. In fact, trophies and medals are abundantly given away in this sport. In fact, many trophies store and shops display variety of awards like raised boot, golden boot, Aussie Rules Marker, Platinum AFL pyramid and many more. Trophies and medals ideally show the supremacy of a team or players in their particular field. It is a sense of achievement so to speak. Sport trophies are like symbols of victory, a token to speak of.

Of course, there are other more events where trophies and medals are given not just the popular Aussie Rules. You also have the soccer, which is a very popular sport all around the world and soccer trophies are the culmination of all hard work and year round games of the athletes in this sport. Sports like basketball, equestrian, golf, billiards and boxing are some of the few examples in the world of sports. There are also other non-sporting events where trophies and medals are raised and awarded such as singing contest, science quiz shows and other competitive contests.

Indeed, a trophy or medal can give any person a sense of accomplishment. It is a token of becoming victorious in his/her chosen field as an individual or as a team. For some, AFL trophies and medals serve as reminders that they have completed this event and can serve also as motivation to strive even harder to repeat achieving that or better.

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