Get on a full adrenaline trip to Norway

Extreme sports on ice are well-known when winter comes, but if you wish to travel to Norway, now it is the perfect time. Have you ever heard about Ekstremsportveko? It means “Extreme sports week” and it takes place in Norway. As you might guess, many sportsmen do their best on the field each year to win a trophy and also to feel this unique experience, and you as an excited hooligan or maybe just an interested watcher can be there, too. Here you will find several good reasons to attend to this event.


First, be a volunteer: If you are willing to help set the place, you can be one of the 700 volunteers who take part into this event. The cultural exchange and personal experience is fantastic, many people from different countries all over the world share their experience in this common spot each year. Also, if you volunteer, then you can have free access to the event, music concerts and parties as a reward for your efforts. As a volunteer, you will work in simple tasks such as being a salesman, barman, waiter or waitress, bellboy and watchman.

Second, there are many different activities that you can enjoy during this festival; they are set according to age and likes, so that kids, teenagers, adults and seniors could enjoy themselves without getting bored while waiting for somebody else at an event. You do not need to be an athlete to take part into the events, since it has all been organized in a very professional and friendly way that will bring you an unforgettable experience. There is a specific section in this event called “Try It”, which does not represent the actual competition but is aimed for amateurs who have no professional experience in sports but still wish to participate in some games which happen in a safe environment. There are three categories, bronze, silver and gold for people who are of legal age 18+.

Third, the festival is an outstanding mix of culture, nations, adrenaline and sports. Some of the best European DJ’s will come to Norway to turn the party on and put everything in a good mood. The official opening ceremony gathers many people and different bands and mixes them in an explosive night. In the concert you will have access to a café which provides food and drink all night long, as well as shop and merchandise stands. Whenever you get tired, you might rest for a while and enjoy the majestic landscape that Norway has.

Ekstremsportveko is more than just sports; it is a life-experience. You will never forget or regret your attendance. You will advise anyone to travel to Norway and you will surely bring more people next year. The vast majority of the tourists, who have come to the event in past years, assures having fallen in love with Norway after the event is finished. In fact, they never expected Norway to be such a moving country. Certainly, the extreme sports week have marked their lives, why don’t you give it a try?

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