Fun Facts About Sky Diving In Sydney, Australia, That You Should Know About

If you are looking for a scary type of sporting activity to take on in Sydney, Australia, then skydiving may be exactly what you are looking for. A lot of Australians go skydiving because they enjoy feeling the intense adrenaline rush that it gives them. Few other activities even get close to it in terms of the buzz and excitement that skydiving provides.

skydivingMany pro skydivers will tell you that if you haven’t experienced it yourself, then you are genuinely missing out on something epic. Sky diving, in general, is a very accessible sport. There are no limitations; all you need to have is that crave for adrenaline and a healthy body. That’s why many people will tell you if skydiving interests you, then there is no reason why you cannot give it a try. Below are a few guidelines that you can follow before signing up for a skydiving session.

When you first jump off the plane while skydiving, the resistance of the air is far outweighed by the force of gravity, and this causes you to rapidly accelerate downwards. 3-5 seconds later, by which point you will have fallen a few hundred feet, these two forces re-balance, with the result being that you maintain a steady decent speed of 193 -290 kph. Once you pull on your parachute cord, you will then begin decelerating due to the sudden increase in air resistance, and you will eventually reach a speed of around 15 kph, which is a safe enough speed at which to make a landing.

The risks involved when you go skydiving like; parachutes not working, equipment malfunctioning, collisions, are relatively low. Only around 1 in 100,000 jumps in Sydney, Australia result in a fatality. Therefore, you’ll be fine as long as you remain conscious and alert. If you are constantly aware as to what is going on, then you are in a position to prevent any minor issue becoming serious. A good piece of advice is to never relax until you have safely landed on the ground; even if everything seems to be fine and in control whilst in the air, everything could change in an instant.

Still, your skydiving equipment needs to be thoroughly checked prior to taking off and should ideally be done by a professional. This is a critical step and should never be overlooked due to time constraints. Always insist on it and watch it being done; do not accept someone simply saying that it was done earlier. Also, the Australian weather is something to be particularly aware, and any reputable skydiving school in Sydney should not allow you to jump in windy or potentially stormy conditions.

Depending on the type of skydiving that you want to do, with accelerated free fall and static line training being your options, you will spend between 1-8 hours in training, which will teach you: some basic physics about how the body and parachute work together; how to use a lot of complex gear safely; how to jump from the plane; the different falling or flying techniques; how to make a safe landing.

It can be a fairly expensive to go skydiving in Sydney, Australia, with jumps running anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the type of skydiving that you option and skydiving school you sign-up at. You will also need to either factor in the cost of buying or hiring equipment if it is not provided by your skydiving school. Even with a relatively high price tag it is still great value though, as it is something that you will remember, and can talk to others about, for a lifetime.

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