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about-skydivingIt’s fun and twice more thrilling than any other sports; this is what skydiving is. Besides getting your adrenalin rush when jumping off a plane at ten thousand feet high, it gives anyone the opportunity to fulfill human desire to fly.

We share this extreme desire with anyone who dares to experience truly a unique and one of a kind adventure. Whether you travel to Sydney and other parts of Australia, expect US to guide you to a safe skydiving adventure and love the sport more.

We understand how it feels to have someone by your side especially during the initial jump however even before, we’ll be here to assist on different aspects of skydiving that beginners must learn. From right equipments to right attitude, we’ll be here to give you step-by-step instructions as well as the best skydiving places in Australia, and also the types of skydiving adventures available in different parts of Australia.

Browse along our Tips Page and you can find skydiving contents for beginners and students as well. This special page tells when is the right time to go, what the best equipment to use and find licensed skydiving instructors. We provide skydiving information that serves as great introduction to the sport as well as its possible dangers when proper training is ignored.

The first jump is the most unforgettable part of skydiving adventure and its best to get yourself and we’re happy to help you get prepared and enjoy your skydiving adventures across Australia.

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